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UAESOL is top notch web hosting company in Middle East which is serving through leading and appropriate blend of web hosting categories, features and tools to ensure the availability of all web and app problems and their fixes. No worries, get a locally hosted shared plan, a dedicated or virtual private server, we are more than good in all.

Starts as low as USD$14.91 /per MONTH

Yes, this is the time to re-consider website loading faster, secure and scalable. If you are to focus middle east region, you better invest for your hosting needs in United Arab Emirates based setup, though your demand is basic level of shared account or in need of a dedicated solution and let us make sure to achieve your goals through our enhanced version of services, support and quality hardware. You can manage to obtain the goal of any custom or complex solution under a most organized Dubai based Data Center. Go for a competitive cheap priced infrastructure with powerful, efficient machinery and best after purchase results. You will never rethink to move away once you will buy your required dedicated or shared web hosting through ours powered facility.

Classification and Usage

Take an advantage of our specialties in any kind of networking infrastructure, advanced features, working tools, control panels and special addons.
Dedicated Server UAE

Start From
US$189/per month

Dedicated Server Hosting UAE

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Server is the highest shape of a carrier which can store and share data. In United Arab Emirates, though it is well known country and assumed as mini Europe but don’t have much share in worldly data centers due to lack of technical infrastructure and less geographical area. As we are the oldest in this field, here in Dubai so before getting involved in details the highest points, which make us most favorite regarding dedicated server hosting in UAE must be highlighted. We provide comparatively low latency than other DCs, Best engineering and management staff, different internet providers as carriers, 2 IP ranges to select. Our servers can be used for gamming which comes with latest hardware and Tier I + Tier II Data Center facilities. In addition, Denial of Service protection is enabled, 250 GB monthly bandwidth as default, 1 Mbps to 100 Mbps dedicated ports availability and ahead of all our technicians are always ready to execute any of your networking and hardware relevant custom solution. UAESOL is the well name of trust, stability, friendship and reliability to maintain your good reputation online by boosting your content, keeping your servers online all the time and securing your online belongings hosted in DC's racks. So if you are new here, give us a chance to prove.
VPS Hosting UAE

Start From
US$44.99/per month

UAE VPS Server Hosting

VPS - Virtual Private Servers

We make UAE based virtual private servers ready and up in less than 3 hours after the confirmation of order and payment with the guarantee of VPS Speed, Stability, Location, Solid Hardware, Operating System and the Resources you ordered. We offer our VPS in all favorite operating systems, if not, we even remains ready to deliver complex configuration in both Linux and Windows based VPS. We assure you the least latency as you are going to market Gulf countries so initially despite putting more money on a UAE based dedicated server, a virtual private server is best choice for you. You can get full management and power on your resources, operating system and the software through Administrator or root accounts when you will buy a VPS. We also allow any time upgradation or if there is any reboot to your machine is required. Most of proxy based and UAE based latency finders admired this cheap solution with maximum available customizations so don't waste any more time and money. Explore our best virtual server with the ability of installing many renowned operating systems and other available common addons. Virtualization is done via KVM technology.
UAE Web hosting

Start From
US$135/per year

Web Hosting in UAE

Web Hosting

In the scenario when you need a stable, reliable, up timed, less cost and full featured hosting for an online presence of your sites, blogs or Applications and your budget is limited and ahead of all you do not want to take the tensions of server management. In addition, you are UAE based latency conscious too then your priority would be SHARED HOSTING. What you will get in our shared resources environment is all the top quality and universal features backed with secured and highly available hardware and network, managed through qualified engineers. We offer you to host your website in shared environment in both most popular operating systems, Windows & Linux and web control panels like Plesk Panel & cPanel so nothing less all is available with us. We have included all kind of common extensions and modules available for an ease of control over your online presence, especially when one is in need to build sites using the one click option via scripts like wordpres, joomla and many more. In the same way we have best structure to manage client’s emails which provides the reliability of in time mail delivery and non-junk emails and also allows client to manage spam filtering, auto-responding, email redirection and many facilities like that.

Most Demanded Hosting Features

Get paired with Tier-3 careered data center having redundant EBGP Network, different internet providers, two kinds of internet connection access to each server Node, Top rated switches and dedicated VLAN.
server security

Enhanced Security

We have a strict privacy policy to ensure our trust on clients and regarding our server and networking we built a mechanism of upgradations and patches which provides the safe side towards server integrity.
data center power

Fully Controlled Power Distribution

Though we understand that it is not an era in which one may face downtime due to power stability issue even then we have a compact, dual layered power system which allows us to keep all the infrastructure up all the time.
internet connection

Reliable ISP’s Connectivity

For our UAE based any kind of hosting we rely on Local ISPs Etisalat and DU for internationalized connection and network stability so no worries you would be on precise internet link though you ordered a port speed as per you wishes.
ddos protection

DDOS Protection

Currently our Data-centers have the ability to mitigate up to 2TB DDOS attack which empowers our client's servers a great security and the power of playing against any kind of miserable situation.
low cost uae hosting

Cheap Prices

Upon Searching a hosting provider in UAE, you will defiantly find some but what will restrict you to buy is the price, there is no doubt, prices to run and manage data-center in UAE are higher but we are making it affordable.
uptime uae host

99.9% Network Uptime Availability

UAESOL is one of the Top Company which provide all shared, reseller and dedicated hosting services with maximum uptime Guarantee through the robust and fabulous way of supporting and running our facility.
latest hosted solution uae

Technologies & Features

To provide all kinds of Hosting services, using latest technologies and with best available features is a distinction which make us proud and popular all over the world and specially in Middle East. We are also offering all in one website host, also delivering cloud hosting in UAE.
UAE dedicated server with no contract

No Contract Restriction

When you check for Web domain registration, VPS or Dedicated Hosting Solutions in UAE, you will find companies asking for contracts with restricted terms but we don’t because we know you will keep on going with us once after order and experiencing us.

Why UAESOL for Web Hosting Needs?

Get the most reliable, managed and most secured Webhosting services in Dubai, UAE. We were established with the aim of serving firm and safe availability of network and firewalls to fulfil all the conditions, an individual or a top-level company looks for. Our company is one of the pioneers who are serving different worldwide clients from a Data Center, which is physically existed in United Arab Emirates. Dedicated web Servers, VPS Server instances and shared web resources packages with full features and trained Support is a convenience for new users to finalize what they desire about the hosting management. We served through UAE and Netherlands data centers for our clients of Middle East and throughout the world. With Lightning fast servers and obviously full friendly 24/7 support helps to run your web based application like a rocket. UAESOL always do their best for their hosting users to provide them Best possible quality of dedicated services and obviously across the Middle East region to the whole world. With the intent of low latent Website loading within this part of earth, UAESOL offers full stuff of opportunities, ranging from full-fledged Dedicated Servers to a low cost featured shared resources.

Some Salient distinctions

 middle east hosting professional

Professionals in Middle East.

Like any other field and specifically when we talked about Information Technology, World is growing beyond one thinking so to provide old solutions is not enough now. Keeping this fact we have all kind of customization in domain and hosting field which are the cause of user friendly and convenient environment. we make it purely easy for our clients to use our online tools and techniques for success in fast internet world.
middle east data-center latency


Web speed matters a lot in today's world and in the Skelton of search engine optimization have a huge part so unlike old values it is not possible for one to compete now without having a good website load time. Google latest and upcoming updates pushes web masters to provide a better and fast user experience by delivering their content in fast time so be straight and be benefited by our UAE based hosting services if your target market is middle east.
cheap hosting in middle east

Competitive Market Prices

Wow, you are on the top web hosting provider which can provide you cheapest hosting services in United Arab Emirates along with all well featured resources and durable, reliable and great valued solutions.
custom hosting solutions

Other than Usual

You have wasted a lot of time in finding the hosting company in UAE which may handle to run your complex application or website, no more searches and wastage of time, just ask us what you are looking for and our well literate engineers in their fields will put you on the go.
best UAE hosting support

Best Engineered Support

In any services business, in time support and to the point help matters a lot and the main core reason to be popular and for acquiring most customers, new and referrals depend upon your support, yes, we provide industry's best hoster support in Middle East.
lightning fast uae host

Be Fast in Middle East

Grow your online business fast by targeting your region's customers efficently.
affordable hosting


Be a member of our user community if you are looking for top quality domain and hoster services in low cast.
on demand hosting solution

On Demand Custom Solution

For a flexible and long term relation consider discussing and having customized dedicated solution.
best technical support

24/7 Non Stop Work

After being a client you would be assisted by friendly and fast responses with best possible answers.

Commonly Asked Queries

Found the answers of mostly asked questions before acquiring Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration services.

Our Experience?

Since back in 2008, understanding the facts that there is a huge opportunity of presenting website data holding and sharing facility, we started on small scale and with the appreciation and with passion to deliver reliable solutions, we spread all over the region. Now we are in operation as reliable web host in all big cities of United Arab Emirate and worldwide. You may knock us in Middle East, Qatar, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras al-khaimah, Al-ain, Masdar City and Mussafah or from anywhere in the world. You will find our doors opened always for you.

Scope of being online in Middle East?

Middle East is now a hub of business and many individuals and big brands have their offices there so it is never a good idea to server your pages or get your online data up from a different region whereas you are marketing your goods which are being sold for a specific region. It hurts your user experience; moreover, you will not find yourself comfortable without a local mechanism and data management.

Best platform for specific need?

First, we made sure that why one must have to have a website hosting platform in Arab. Now we will shine a light that who should prefer what. If you are an individual, want to run your single website, blog or forum with least amount of database involvement and sharing of resources is not an issue for you then go for shared plans. If you want to use the Arab internet as proxy, gamming server or in need to run custom apps/scripts, require root access or wants things with no other share and at the same time price should be less then VPS Hosting UAE is the best choice. If you are a company and have big projects or all other needs mentioned for virtual private servers above this point and you have a good budget then prefer to have a dedicated machine. It will definitely will give you the best you can avail.

How a VPS is near to Dedicated Hosting?

Virtual Private Server said to a segment of a dedicated server comes with full root access. Well, it depends you got full root access or not. Unlike other web hosting companies in UAE, UAESOL do this for all his clients. Our VPS Servers in UAE would be as like as a dedicated server you have full root access, including choice of OS, hardware and features as well.

About Dedicated Servers

More asked question by newbie hosting seekers. A dedicated server is a type of Internet service in which you lease an entire machine, not shared with anyone. This option is more flexible than shared hosting, as your organization will have full control over the resources, including choice of operating system, hardware and root access etc. Server administration is handled by you in terms of software, but we provide 24/7 support for hardware related tasks. Dedicated servers are housed in one of our worldwide data centers including UAE and Netherlands providing redundant power sources and HVAC systems. The server hardware is owned by us, and consists of a lease of space + machine.

Domain Registration in UAE

We provide about all worldly extension which includes, all common and custom domain suffix as well as Country based, new released extensions and domain names belong to middle east in most economical rates, you may transfer your current domains as well as can renew instantly.