UAE Dedicated Server

A dedicated server hosting is a physical computer with extra ordinary powerful hardware than of usual machines, have about the same elements as desktop. It is placed within a rack usually available in a data center, connected to high-end internet with heavy-duty cables and switches. Through networking and dedicated live IP, it is made accessible from any part of the universe wherever there is internet connection available. Later comes special requirements like location, latency, hardware, ISP etc. so when one is finding a marvelous utility of dedicated Hosting from United Arab Emirates location, the only precise and experienced provider in the region is UAESOL.

100% United Arab based Dedicated Servers with free DDOS Mitigation, Competitive Price, Starting from $ 189.00/per month

Dedicated Server UAE


Here we wrap-up best components for your machine, corporate level solution under your fingertips. You are here because you are looking for devoted resources of Hosting with no other counterpart even you do not want Virtual Hosting in UAE but a Dubai oriented full machine live through a physically hosted rack. Yes, then find below well a variety of packages with various resources of RAM, Bandwidth, Cores, Threads and processers or ask us for a custom quote. Freedom of server operating system and customization makes our packages most reliable one. So, what are you thinking right now just grab your machine as per your need and even run an ecommerce store, gamming platform or Social networking site all things would run smoothly with these machines.

Want to test ping, latency and geo location before ordering? Check IPs: 185.56.xx.xx & 86.96.xx.xx.

DDOS Mitigation up to 2gbps is included as free.

Excessive bandwidth usage will be charged @ USD 1.45 / 1GB.

Server Processor Ram Storage Traffic/mo CoresCost/mo
INTEL XEON E3-1230 v5 16GB 512GB SSD 100GB 04$ 189 | AED 695 ORDER
INTEL XEON E5-2620 v4 16GB 512GB SSD 100GB 08$ 299 | AED 1099 PURCHASE
INTEL XEON E5-2630 v4 16GB 512GB SSD 100GB 10$ 359 | AED 1320 BUY NOW
INTEL XEON E5-2650 V4 16GB 512GB SSD 100GB 12$ 399 | AED 1470 ADD TO CART
INTEL XEON E5-2680 v4 16GB 512GB SSD 100GB 14$ 499 | AED 1835 CONFIGURE

Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE

Are you looking for a reliable Web Hosting partner to expand your business online? UAESOL is a right place. We are presenting excellent infrastructure, Data Center and expertise to enhance your business web from very start. You would enjoy flexibility of configurations with custom feature and components. Specially designed for your business needs. Top providing Reliable Dedicated server in UAE across Middle East, we are driven by a team of highly qualified and well trained professionals and engineers who are focused to provide 24/7 customer support to our valued clients. Now, no more down times because you are in safe hands for future because you are going to experience stable and real force of full root access.

Top Notch Hosting Solution

We understand the word credibility and in this view, our educated and technically strong team gives us a privilege to satisfy our local and international clients who are seeking for dedicated services with the most mature solution. People love us because here only we are who understand very well about their complex requirements whether there is an international customer or a Middle East based subscriber. So feel free to permit us with a chance to serve you in delightful way once and later we are sure you will buy more from us and will become one of our top referrer. We never compromise on quality especially when we deal in dedicated Server in UAE because our main area of expertise is more productive for this point. We bet that you will enjoy the least latency throughout Arab Emirates when you will be online or connected through our provided lightning fast online servers with reliable port connection of internet and guaranteed machine’s hardware. It has been a decade serving as web host Dubai with cheap domain and quality allied products. Progressive approach since day one and still have passion to bring best in terms of satisfaction and requirement any internet surfer. Still waiting, there is no time to waste, buy your multipurpose online machine in cheapest price from the most renowned and oldest data-centers.

Game Changer

Are you running a corporate business in United Araba Emirates or in its vicinity and do have a hope to lead this business in your targeted region then we are here to solve this trick because we are the leader and top dedicated server hosting provider in Emirates. Subscribers, who are already gaining the maturity to their online visibility by us have a firm belief and strong trust that we have tack ticks to boost their online sale ability with much complex server solutions to handle any number of traffic with severe restrictions towards compromising attacks and reliability of hardware, power and network. Unlike many other providers, we never left our clients in between or in worries but assist with as much as a hosting company can. We have a lower bounce back ratio and higher reliability level because we studied the nature and need of users for this kind of service from core to upper line. We are again inviting you to reconnoiter us so that you had better understand the credibility and fluency we have in our service work. No more down times, enjoy the top-notch dedicated server facilities in UAE from the grate Data-Center in Dubai. It allows you world class hosting experience in the critical situations and in the best affordable price, order and get it provisioned in approximate 24 hours, for any query do not hesitate to contact because we are always ready to help.

Why Choose Us

We choose world's best data centers to provide 100% reliable, quality, secure and complex hosting solutions to our clients with 99.9% up-time guarantee.

Fast Dedicated Servers

Gear up your business because your company is going to accelerate when you will choose us to back up your hosting needs through a deep, scalable and pin pointed server solution with an inline and in reach provider like UAESOL.

Strong Hardware

With us you have the freedom to select single and double processors like 2 x Intel Xeon Dual Core, 2 x Intel Xeon Quad Core and 2 x Intel Xeon Hex Core with high storage. You can run any type of website or software on your machine, crafted for Web, Video, Online Chat, gaming and Application servers.

Installation and Activation

We comit 72 hours delivery but usually it is provisioned within 24 hours after the order. Please keep in mind that installation and processing goes fast when ther will be Linux based installation but it took more time to install windows based operating system.

Windows and Linux OS

Presenting plenty of common and demanded operating systems to select while specifying your requirements in order form. Go for Windows operating system if you are to work through RDP session or you are to run sql based project or choose any Linux based OS with number of flavors.

Super Admin Privalages

We provide 100% remote access so you can easily handle all things on your server. In addition if you are facing any type of problem or want any type of help then you need to stay in touch with us via email or live chat session.
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All in One

Feel yourself free to load up whatever you want as you have the ownership but for any use, make sure you are not violating our terms.
dedicated servers uae

Instant Provisioning

We can provide you Optimized machine within 1-3 days after payment confirmation.
Server operating system

Choice of OS

You can Choose Ubuntu, CentOS, Redhat or Windows Operating system for your server.
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Full Remote Access

We provide you 100% remote access to your server, so you can manage it accordingly.

Step by Step guide to buy a Server

We are listing few questions which were not narrated in this page but asked most of recurring and new clients Hopefully you will get all your relevant information in Q&A..

Provisioning Time?

Once after getting your order and payment through PayPal or via bank, it will take us from 6 hours to 72 hours for delivering your order but in some cases due to non-availability of specific components there might be more time required but we will inform you about it (Happened so quite on and off).

Public or Private IP?

All services issued through or DC comes with Public IPv4, If you need IPv6, you should better consider discussing with us prior to finalize your purchase.

Operating Systems

While configuring and proceeding for checkout, we will ask you to select your desired OS. I are pleased to inform you that we are expert in installing and managing all Windows and Linux based operating systems.

Server Usage

We allowed you to install any legal software on server which must not violate our TOS too. Can utilize it for VPS, Proxy and online games.

The UAESOL Guarantee!

We guarantee most reliable server performance under the surveillance of trained hosting support.
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Leader as dependable company in Middle East

When you talk about the performance and authenticity then there are very few hosting companies in UAE who are capable of delivering your desired results. UAESOL, Stands like a leader among companies who deal in more than one data center to maintain the equilibrium and to keep the hope alive in all perspectives. Our Utilities, starting from shared hosting to full root managed machines are very economical, quick, stable and monitored by our professional engineers. You will always got an exposure of variation with us as few of our presented ready-made plans are specially designed to handle a large amount of internet traffic and few of them with higher amount of disk space, all in SSD. If your site or app slows down due to low bandwidth, memory or cores then worry not, grab out any additional resources to mitigate your updated needs by scaling and adding addons to your basket. You can compare our cheapest and very low rates with any other company in Middle East before deciding whether you should do a deal with us or not. We are sure that we will get maximum numbers in all areas upon comparison. As a final conclusion, if you want quick loading and SEO booster, VPN or gaming server in Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen or in Ghaza Strip then the most valuable solution to hire one hosted machine from us.

Dedicated server Dubai

Cheap Dubai Based Custom Dedicated Servers

Most probably, you as individual, entrepreneur or a company, spreading widely in Middle East and some planner, SEO specialist or Web development house targeted you to move on a heavy machine to run your stacked applications or web server. We admire your decision but hold on, have you prepared for it? Have you searched the whole market and found the one who can deal with your specific requirements, quoting you lowest cost and ready to tackle with your initial and future technical tasks? Whatever your answer is, we will recommend you to go through us once to understand the purity, professionalism and efficiency of Web Hosting business in Dubai. With a total technical, sales and management expertise of about 11 years, UAESOL is now a well-grown company to execute any complex solutions, to manage all networking necessities in most firm manners.

Dubai Data-Center

Data center said to be a physical atmosphere that is connected with high-end Internet connation and rape up server hardware with different measures and all that stuff relevant to servers. There are very few companies in Dubai who deals in Data Center level services of more than one location. We host our physical server in two different data centers. We are offering UAE Located Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Server in Turkey with 99.9% uptime. Best 3Tier data center, ensures reliability, uptime, and competitive price and in time delivery upon your order for any configuration along with different kind of specification and configurations. DDOS Protected atmosphere along with cutting edge hardware and most importantly with trained technicians and system administrators.

Presenting Full-fledged Server Machines Located in world’s best Data center of United Arab Emirates under top quality of machine hardware, genuine software and unique infrastructure. We are only in United Arab Emirates who deals in fastest Dedicated Servers with freedom of customization, Single Processor multi-core and Dual Processor multi-core Servers are strong enough to handle gigabits of traffic. You need not to be worried about legalities as whole the infrastructure and backbone Internet services are lawfully recognized by Government of Arab Emirates. About rates, we did our best to make in your reach though everything imposed and implemented within Data-Center is costly than the USA and European countries due to feasibility, labor costs and local laws. When you thought of hardware used to online these machines then you should be feel yourself comfortable with us because we injected most durable and long lasting servers, Gigabit Ethernet Switches, cables, racks and networking facilities issued through renowned and top hardware makers like SuperMicro, DELL, NETGEAR and TP-Link etc.

Yes, If you want to compete in Online market, your Website needs a better loading time to your targeted audience. If you are targeting Middle East’s Market, running a custom application or online shopping website or a portal with good amount of users from Middle East or you need to have a Dubai based gateway, we recommend you consider paying some money for a Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE. We assure you it matters you a lot, you may gain more success with a little extra amount of money. Explore the most wanted United Arab based Data-center to explore your own chances to win the local market.

  • Freedom to re-install any available OS
  • World’s best data centers to choose from
  • Fast Speeds focused, Best routing for performance
  • Low Latency for potential local clients
  • Extreme powered Networks Equipment, connected with 100mbps by default
  • Easy scalability to increase your resources at any time of subscription
  • Grab performance at prices that won't break your budget
  • Heavy loaded machines for your ready to go operations

Other UAE based Hosting Solutions!

If you are not got up what you were looking for, you may consider viewing other kinds of low cost services.
Remote Desktop UAE
Web host uae

Features comes with Every Machine

What make us distinguished from other dedicated hosting companies in UAE? Here is the answer:

Customer Oriented solution

With a unique company email address, you are simply different from your competitors. Your customers are assured that you are a true representative of your company, and not some scammers. Your business stands out instantly in a crowded marketplace.

Low Management Charges

Unlike others, we charge very less for any solution we deliver. Install the Apps with just 1 click. You might be selective as you wish servers available in Linux and Windows. Every CMS support WordPress, Magneto, Joomla, Open cart and more!

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Latest Software and hardware infrastructure never let your down. The availability of your website is our top priority. We stand by that fact with our uptime guarantee! You would get dedicated server in UAE as reliable as never before.

Technical Service

We provide local based 24x7 technical support by our professional engineers. Also, we provide unparalleled commitments to customers, including 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee, 99.5% Uptime Guarantee and 99.9% Network Uptime.


Best security measures put your web application faraway from hacker. DDos protection, firewall protection and eagle eye monitoring service would never let client down.

Quick Welcome Message

Get your machine ready in hours after confirmation of order/payment. Keep in touch for after sales queries to obtain current status.

Variety of IPv4 Ranges

With our true customer oriented impart we assure performance that a client could expect. Truly one stop shop for handling all type of web application, from a corporate website to full ecommerce platform. It is all because we take best care of every aspect to avoid any kind of leakage and later inconvenience. You will not get any abusive IP with default provisioning and to make thing more convenient, we have two internet carriers on our back which allow us to push with two IP ranges.

Latest Generation Components Assure Reliability

From server hardware to Management, we believe in professionalism. Components, accessories, plugs and switches are always been tested by technicians before compiling and initializing installation process. It does mean that we are able to deliver configurations that comes with guaranteed reliability and performance. SuperMicro Servers with huge, effective supply chain make things possible for us to deliver with a promise of leading show. Being a busy provider, our DC is normally remains in the activity of buying and importing latest required and short equipment. Our Dc never operates with used hardware but with latest and new setup to make sure the durability for as long as you want to keep your machine.

Best Solution for Businesses

Reliable dedicated Web Hosting Servers in UAE means UAESOL.COM. United Arab Emirate is the fastest growing economy so everyone has the wish to build and boost his or her business here. Though it is little difficult and tricky to begin here because of competition in all fields as there are many powerful providers are already in the arena. However, do not be disappointed as there is another option, you may start your business online. All you need just a website that run smoothly with your portfolio. Clients, now days, changed their approach to reach service provider or to a specific product. They do use internet in this regard. It has worth to start online business anywhere in the world, including the Middle East. A Reliable and low latency server is mandatory ingredients in this regard that handle you traffic smoothly and provide secure atmosphere to your online customers. If you have such type of website in United Arab Emirates which always hold 10,000 hits per day and also use a lot of bandwidth due to high traffic its fantastic, but you are worried about having your website or app down on daily basis then you should have to move your hosting under our facility. Our infrastructure is specially designed to handle a large amount of bandwidth and we provide 99.90% up-time guarantee. Although dedicated machines are slightly expensive but it is the only ultimate solution to handle big traffic or heavy applications. World’s famous websites like,, and have their own chain of dedicated servers that is why due to a lot of traffic these websites never goes down and perform accurately.

Middle East Dedicated Hosting

Why corporate sector of Middle East need strong and firm web and email services with the fastest and accurate loading response. It is because of the great importance of this area of the world due to a main hub for Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Most of world's renowned companies have their head offices or main offices in Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and especially in United Arab Emirates. Therefore, it would be really a worst effect if your online services took too long to respond for your clients when you are a big multinational group and when you are in an era of internet and mobile where communications are happening through this medium vastly. Now there are other factors too, which will compel you to buy dedicated server from UAE data-center. These are lowest latency for fastest responses and dedicated usage where there should no other party can indulge in your activities. Whereas we also sell shared and virtual machines for this purpose but much recommended will remain a dedicated hosting server though it is a little more in cost but it will ensure your tighten security and flexibility of work.

Many international online services providers may acquire the benefits though they are not located physically in United Arab Emirates by offering proxy server, remote desktop or can be utilize for different purposes. In this scenario, we can say that for a local business as well as those who are to work in this piece of earth should take an advantage by obtaining a full-fledged hosting machine despite relying on shared space and resources. This is the best time for you to give your website or app a major jerk by keeping it online through a power full dedicated server physically hosted in United Arab Emirates to focus all international online competition against your competitors because you are to have a step up than others to survive and maintain your business. Discover the variety and uniqueness offered by us under a high valued Data-center founded in Dubai. Avail chance to explore the potential of UAE market as you can find representative and corporate sector of about whole world brands here. Moreover, get a dedicated server or VPS if you want to remotely manage your business.

Wish to Discuss Data Center's Location?

If you want to talk about server location or wish to have machine located other than UAE then you may contact us:
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