SSL Certificate Dubai, UAE

Starting from $69/per year

According to current scenario of cyber crime to secure your website we recommend our current and new client to get their websites and application secured with our affordable ssl certificates used for single or multiple websites, it is all due to google latest SEO updates and avoiding being compromised by malware.

SSL Certificate UAE

Usually in the past practices no one supposed to take the advantage of search engine optimization but currently if anyone want to make progress in his online business then must have to keep websites just according to what search engine want to look into. Right now Google is the most popular and biggest search engine so we must have to follow what they update. Currently Google was of the view to rank well those websites which are using url start from https despite http and this fact is being in real now. For taking the advantages of Google updates about search engine ranking we even compel you to get you ssl certificate today and run you website securely. This is not only the benefit of these ssl certificates but it also the answer of most asked question by the web owners that how to secure website from malware and hackers attacks and even can secure yourself and your customers privacy in no cost.
Being a best web hosting company in UAE, Middle East, we are offering three different affordable plans for SSL certificate according to the usage, you may select a plan as per your requirements. Hope you will understand our piece of advice and will act to make your websites secure and SEO friendly in very cheap price and this practice alternatively enhance your online presence and help you in boosting your business. Our most of Dubai, UAE and Middle East based clients are taking the benefits of these SSL Certificate plans and hopefully you would be the next!

  • Secure your website, and customer data with best SSL Certificate Plans.
  • UAESOL is one of the largest and experienced web hosting provider in UAE.
  • First company in UAE to offer a wide range of SSL products throughout Middle East.
  • 4 Diffrent SSL plans with 128 bit to 256 bit SSL Encryption Strength to secure your data uplaod and download.

Website Insurance

Our all SSL Certificates come with these features so you can get it without any hesitation. Take benefit of this feature and secure your website now!
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SSL certificates provide upto 128 or 256-bit encryption for maximum security of your website visitors' data. Also Secure you malware and hackers attacks.
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Now customer gets smarter to handover their personal details to any company. Get an SSL certificate to increase your customer's trust in your online business.
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Google gives higher rankings to websites secured with SSL certificates. Which means SSL certificates are critical if you're serious about your online business.
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Ssl certificates protect your customer's personal data including passwords, credit cards and identity information. They Trust and refer you to other peoples.

SSL Certificate Plans in UAE

UAESOL presenting more cheaper and reliable security solution to its royal middle east clients, Explore our SSL certificates Plans in this regard.
basic ssl


To run a single website with https
128 bit to 256 bit SSL Encryption Strength
1 Year Validity Period
1 Hour Issued time
Valid for Single Domain
COMODO & creating trust online
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economy ssl


Secure unlimited Sub-Domains
128 bit to 256 bit SSL Encryption Strength
1 Year Validity Period
1 Hour Issued time
Can be used on all sub domains
COMODO & creating trust online
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sub ssl


Secure upto 100 domain names
128 bit to 256 bit SSL Encryption Strength
1 Year Validity Period
1 Hour Issued time
Valid for 100 Domain
COMODO & creating trust online
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business ssl


Best for e-commerce websites
128 bit to 256 bit SSL Encryption Strength
1 Year Validity Period
$100,000 warranty
FREE Corner of TrustLogo
COMODO & creating trust online
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What's Included in SSL Certificate

Not only delivering quality SSL certificated plans but also offering more advanced features and security trust with our SSL Plans.
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Encrypted Security

Our SSL Certificates are specially designed for high speed capable servers and computers. Basically these plans use minimum 128-bit or maximum 256-bit encryption. Its mostly depending upon your server and compute performance and capability that which encryption level will best for you. To transfer data in shape of Encrypted form provide more security on your form or transaction on website. Both 256-bit and 128-bit are industry standard for information assurance.

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All Browser Compatibility

As we know that nowadays websites are developed to keep in minds its browser compatibility features, same as like we are providing such type SSL which are compatible for each browsers (like Mozila, Safari, Opera, Mozila etc.). Some people sale fake SSL certificate which show red flags over Https:// because they don't support all browser but we are providing SSL certificates with guaranteed solid program omnipresence compatible on all software and web applications. The greater part of our certs are underpinned by all prominent programs.

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Friendly 24/7 Support

We are just not providing the SSL to you but also providing you free of cost 24/7 technical support for you to solve your problems immediately. We hired world's best stellar help team to provide you friendly support as soon as possible. Our Support team has a lot of experience and education to handle or solved your inquiries within minutes. It’s all due to our quick support services that we have thousands of satisfied clients in whole world. You can Get our Support by Live chat, contact us or email us.

Should Get Offer!

Within Hour Your Personal Website would hosted on UAE Servers $75/per month view all tools list

Secure Web App with SSL

We are providing the SSL Certificates with 100% website security and Site seal (Insurance) features. It’s same as like you insured from an insurance company to protect yourself from future damage. That's why no days people preferred to by SSL Certificates to secure their websites from hackers and any Malware attacks. Our all SSL Certificates come with this features so you can get it without any hesitation. Take benefit of this feature and secure your website now!