No more surprises and checks on your internet surfing when you reside in or out of United Arab Emirates. As all, know that UAE government is imposing so many restrictions to utilize the networking from this region and labeling many apps and website not accessible through naked internet connections. In these conditions, most of the freedom finders look around for availing such solution, which can allow them to bypass such hurdles. The only and advanced way to avoid this situation is to buy a premium quality VPS which will absolutely open all doors of world connectivity with security and flexibility.

Premium VPN Pricing

Peace of mind is just minutes away from you, select a plan and proceed to checkout and be ready to explore whatever you are already missing.
Ram 1GB 2GB
Storage 30GB SSD 50GB SSD
Processors 1 vCPU 1 vCPU
Free Traffic 10GB 10GB
Price (per month) AED 145 / US$38.0 AED 199 / US$53.0
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Unblock all apps and websites which are currently has taken away from your access. Find how a Dubai based VPN can help you secure your part of connectivity while browsing anonymously.
Free internet use

Internet Freedom

Free your arms and mind because with our offered virtual private network, you will find yourself crazy.
Encrypted ISP Connection


No need to hide as you are already behind the wall.
ISP Censsorless access

No More Censorship

You will see what is actually there but not what want to show you.
Secure Access

Secure Access

No eyes behind you anymore because your private network is well maintained and systematically secure.

Virtual Private Network Queries

Overcome misconseptions and know what is truth.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network.

Am i Safe legally?

Yes, it is safe and legally authorized.

How to upgrade VPN plan?

You can upgrade to next level available plan as well as there is the facility to increase the resources like bandwidth and SSD space at any time.