Remote Desktop Protocol is specifically designed and coded by Microsoft. The only usage is to connect multiple computers or servers with each other remotely. Computer, which will be used as target, must have RDP software and the other hand one, which want to connect to target, should have RDP client installed. When there we discuss to have connection to a machine located in unique location like United Arab Emirates then admirable fact is that we can manage this utility for you in reliable and affordable manners. There are plenty of servers are only fixed to deploy this functionality for Shared Remote Desktop needs though you can purchase a plan with dedicated resources in which you can even perform all other tasks, an online server offers.


Plan’s Cost

Unmatchable prices for your approach and accessibility to United Arab's Internet.
Users Single Single
Resources Shared Dedicated
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Space 10GB 50GB
Usage UAE IP Internet Browsing UAE IP Internet Browsing
Custom App Deployment No Yes
vCPU Shared 01
RAM Shared 2GB
Price (per month) AED 130 / US$36.0 AED 295 / US$79.0
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RDP Session Host Server

Looking for a commercial connectivity solution from within a United Arab Emirates based Data center or left hand readymade packages does not fulfil your demands or even you want to connect multimple users at the same time.

Dedicated Server UAE

Make the Most

Freedom of being online from any destination to a target vicinity. Know what benefits you will avail when you will order a remote desktop.
RDP Mobile Usage


No need to buy infrastructure like office, servers or other appliances, simply connect whatever online device you have like a laptop, Android or IOS phone.
Friendly Support

Friendly Support

We are sure, you will not get any problems with us, even if you got any queries or want to learn more, we are available for you 24/7.
Cheap RDP Solution


Do not waste your money for deploying servers if your task is just to catch up the access from a live IP of Dubai Data Center.
Easy Installation

No Technical Knowledge

You can surf through just as you use your personal computer as there is no functionality difference in one’s desktop and remote desktop interface.
High Quality

Quality Conduct

There are huge servers with optimized software and solid hardware, always ready to provide best performance which ensures your connectivity all the time.
Fast Connectivity

Fast Connectivity

As our machines are connected through best switches and multiple internet carriers with at least 100Mbps port so you will experience a real time quick connectivity to target host.

What in Your Mind?

Learn what you want to know or ask something which is not mentioned here though we have elaborated most of the common asked points here.

What is rdp?

RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol which allows computers to be connected with each other’s remotely.

Can i increase number of Users in rdp?

Microsoft offers this utility, if you have a server with us in which you have dedicated resources then yes, you can purchase more license to add more users who may login to same machine through a different session.

Can i Upgrade?

If you have ordered and using a rdp connection as a shared user then it is not possible but if you have it with dedicated resources, yes, you can apply for any kind of resource upgradation at any time of subscription.

Can i convert a dedicated server for multiple rdp sessions?

Yes, This is do able but first you are to buy a dedicated server which will come with single user license, later you can order number of session licenses you want and can gain that number of user access from a particular machine you keep.

Best Windows Remote Desktop in Dubai

No worries whatever your demands to search things from a remote location like Middle East and especially from the most asked location Dubai, UAE. We are offering cheapest and reliable solution if you want to browse internet under a safe connection through RDP. As we know there are different kind of people who inquire for it, most of them buy it, as they are to browse their accounts like paypal and other providers who are strict to a location for a particular user. There are few who want to analyze trends, techniques and SEO tactics by loading search results through a targeted origin. Quality with lowest price is always a big deal to acquire so here with us, you will amaze two in one facility because we own a huge experience and healthy amount of recurring client, which is an encouraging part for us to present cheapest possible remote desktop connections for all new and past customers.