UAE VPS Hosting

Unlike shared hosting, VPS set up to partition a dedicated server virtually but it found faster, reliable, secure and dedicated while comparing it with Shared Hosting type. Main reason to buy a VPS is its dedicated resources allocation. In virtual instance, users can utilize allowed amount of memory and other resources as per their wish and desire. You have freedom of upgrading these resources at any time using client area console so to acquire a UAE VPS server include one bigger fact than of those mentioned above is to show off practical existence of this location by being online through Dubai IP ranges. World is evolving faster than ever, in IT sector changes are occurring even quicker, people need more variety to secure and win their business so in all current and upcoming circumstances, acceptance and feasibility of United Arab Emirates are prominently increasing. As it is secure to boost your company under this location so like our 100s of satisfied customers, we welcome you to give a try because all our services are secure, reliable and low cost.

Dubai based VPS Servers
starting from $35.99/per month

VPS Hosting UAE

Order Virtual Private Server with UAE IP

Get Instant ready Server in UAE with KVM virtualization. Just follow these three steps to configure and order a full-fledged vps with root or admin access via international payment methods.
VPS plans

Step #1. Compare Plans and Select

As you have decided location already so now time to collate a plan which can fulfil your current requirements.
Search vps Plan

Step #2. Configuration and Addons

While placing order, you can configure with various available components as well as add free defaults and paid addons.

Step #3. Payment and Checkout

Hurray, you’re now going to be an owner of your own Virtual Dedicated Machine. Pay via Paypal or Bank and let us do the rest.

Tier 3 data center with 2Gbps DDOS mitigation

We know that you are here for buying a Middle East based server so browse below to pick a readymade package to place your order. To meet world Class standard, you can experience Tier III+ DC facilitation through our Dubai based Data Center, which includes power, internet and cooling backups. Availability of technical staff for 24/7 to ensure 100% uptime and rapid response in case of any issue with internal or external tasks. We guarantee that your node will not get down due to our infrastructure but in worse and unpredicted cases, you will find us efficient all the time. Hallmark of our data-center is that we offer services through brand new heavy-duty dedicated servers but not old repaired and stocked hardware. Also there is a high qualified networking team which is keep on working with networking security and installed routers and switches which can deal with DDOS attacks. Most of world’s DCs ask for paid DDOS mitigation but we have included it all free of cost.

Important Note: Clients who bought previous UAE based VPS plans other than mentioned now, as per prior notice, will be charged for extra bandwidth on rate of USD 1.25 / 1GB so it is recommended to migrate on new infrastructure by purchasing a new instance from below.

UAE VPS Plans and Prices

Architecture best options with cutting edge hardware infrastructure under the surveillance of most reliable vps hosting Provider in UAE.
Ram 2GB 4GB 8GB 16GB 32GB
Storage 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB 50GB
Processors 1 vCPU 2 vCPU 4 vCPU 8 vCPU 16 vCPU
Traffic 1TB 1TB 2TB 2TB 2TB
Price (1st month) AED 135 / US$35.99 AED 250 / US$67.99 AED 365 / US$98.99 AED 615 / US$167.99 AED 925 / US$249.99
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1- If you need to test our UAE based IPs:

2- Our UAE based virtual private servers can be ordered from 5Mbps - 20Mbps Internet Dedicated Ports with unlimited data transfer. Also you can enjoy the freedom to upgrade default shared port with up to 10TB monthly traffic as well increment in data disk on configuration page.

Some Highligited features

You have full root access and you can install any application software into your Machine but nothing illigal or prohibitted in TOS.
Semi Managed VPS

More than Semi Managed

Robust experience is on its way as you will be facilitated with ever best after sales management which includes most of the tasks on our end to perform.
instant VPS Provision

Quick Delivery

You will get ordered Machine's credentials as soon as possible though there is always a huge rush for us in installation queue to process.
Low Ping latency

Lowest Latency

Availability of 2 IP ranges for lowering latecny as per client's location and also the best networking to execute this job more precisely.
Best Support

Ever Ready Support

Unlike other Data-Centers in Middle East we provide maximum to our clients, you may ask us any pre or after sales inquiry any time via ticket or live chat.

Optional Addons and Upgrades

If you want anything to add with your virtualization, cover them while configuring your order. we are providing all the latest addons like licenses, IPv4, backup options and much more. You may find one you desired in the below list and add it to your cart at checkout or ask us if we can produce it for you.
  • Additional IP $20
  • WHM/cPanel (5 Domains) $27
  • Management $50/hour
  • Softaculous $4
  • Plesk Onyx (10 Domains) $17
  • Power Pack $19
Feature enriched Machines
  • Ipv6 Addresses on Demand
  • No.1 hardware selective deployment
  • Variety of Operating Systems to select
  • Ipv4 Addresses
  • Host unlimited domain and apps.
Free With Each Plan
  • Reboots and Reinstalls on Demand
  • Freedom to use your machine as email service provider
  • Semi-Managed.
  • Free Setup
  • 100% Space

Your Questions Our Answers

We have taken all options to high level that is why created a knowledgebase which will allow you to understand more and to finalize your decision whether you should fast forward with us or still to discuss things.
UAE Data Center

Are Servers Physically located in United Arab Emirates?

Yes, You can go live for your dedicated hosting needs virtually from Dubai, UAE location. It has a Tier 3+ data center facility to offer you reliable and trusted kick back.UAESOL is one of pioneers who offered top rated infrastructure and hardware to maximize and create new business opportunities in this part of the world.

What Internet Carriers You use?

On our backbone there are two network providers which are the main ISPs here in Middle East. Both DU and Etisalat are reliable partner of us. Your connectivity depend upon the port you will select at the time of ordering.
KVM Virtualization

How you virtualize?

You will get your cheap hosting virtual private server with Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM) as it is the best virtualization solution available in the industry which is specifically used to convert Linux into hypervisor.
VPN or Game server

Can i use hosting for VPN and Game Servers?

Yes, We allowed you to authorize your owned machines with us to make them a proxy or install it with online real time gaming software but all terms and conditions will be applied.

Beneficiaries for VPS Servers in Dubai

Are you located in UAE? looking for dedicated resources with less latency and also website speed conscious, need to install special scripts, frameworks, plugins, want to run tons of users on your app, want to deal your machine privately. Dubai originated VPS server hosting might be your first choice rather than a UAE dedicated server due to a huge cost difference. So select a type of your desired operating system, Windows or Linux as well as the location, which could give you and your users lesser intermission. All packages are partially managed, comes with technical convenience as well as after production, feel the best patching and fulfilment of future needs. This includes setup, software installation, networking security supervision and 24/7 Tech Support that helps customers put emphasis far more on the rise of their business development than looking into core server issues. We are offering different VPS servers with most renowned available updated operating systems, Linux and Windows, in an effort to make sure that we have something for everyone. Grab any package and start your personal/business web application right away! With us you can meet with a wide range of Linux and Windows VPS Hosting Starting at AED 110.00/Month.

Our Capacity and Uniqueness

Being a reputed company, UAESOL has been providing all sort of server hosting plans since 2002. Our aim here is to provide superior and royal services across Middle East. Our quality services are available in all big cites of UAE Including Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ras Al-Khaimah at the most favorable price along with the maximum customers pleasure and satisfaction.

Virtualization Infrastructure

As per server hardware is concerned, we use SuperMicro brand, all instances are setup on very powerful main nodes with remarkable connectivity to ensure that each instance can provide maximum performance. Along with our Strong hardware infrastructure and Features provided, our goal is to offer the flexibility to our subscribers to run massive websites and install third party applications easily without any hassle.

Various Arab Locations

Currently, we are offering our all Middle East based services from Dubai data-center but as per upcoming requirements by many clients, we are planning to offer the same valued and well-oriented services from other states of United Arab Emirates and specifically from the Abu Dhabi. Our management and other resources are already working on this to finalize things as soon as possible. Moreover, you would be happy to read that you will be able to buy Saudi VPS Hosting now which means you have a great choice for launching your aims from two different location in Middle East. So keep on visiting VPS Hosting UAE page to know more about virtualization in this region.

VPS Server Hosting in UAE

Dubai is a hub of about all businesses and most of international brands have their offices in there so to communicate and to march in this era from this region, corporate sector as well as IT industry need a local setup, which may assure them a stable and fast loading throughout their experience as well as their users. Keeping this fact clearer, SEO masters recommend launching ones website from local servers for availing good results in less time. Another category of people who are not physically located in United Arab Emirates but they are to use online things like PAYPAL portal, which should be accessed, from the region, which was mentioned while setting up an account of PayPal to receive and send payment. So on there are many other portals, can be accessed through a specific region's IP. We currently hold many clients, which are enjoying our best virtual support under a most maintained, and secured network for a very meager amount of money; you may subscribe at least for a month or ask for yearly or biennially invoice or ass paypal subscription for auto renewal to keep your convenience. We offer all major and most wanted Operating systems and application templates like | Windows 2012, 2016 | Debian | CentOS | UBUNTU |, cPanel/WHM for Linux OS and Plesk Onyx for Windows OS and at the same time there is an opportunity to get extra charm with NODE.JS, APACHE, NGINX and LAMP. We are always available to you for any complex solution with very rare configuration because we know our system admins and technician can handle any kind of virtualization challenge. Now it is your turn to have an experience with us and enjoy the rest.