Cheap VPS Hosting in UAE

Starting from $33 /per month

Cheap VPS Hosting UAE

As we all know in today’s world costs matters a lot so for those customers who are looking for only low budget nodes with dedicated control, we are moving them to a best place they should utilize. Because location does not matter to such subscribers so they should not get involved in such services, which are purely location based and should purchase an instance from a remote location where all accessories and automation is less charges as compared to United Arab Emirates. We are only company in United Arab Emirates which is presenting cheap and low cost USA and Germany based VPS servers in all UAE’s cities including Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi etc. with unique features, best hardware infrastructure and hosting support. Full root access server along with freedom of configuring software exactly as you love it. After buying a VPS from us, you will be running your own private operating system, customize your needs and use your Virtual machine as you wish instead of all those purposes which are prohibited in our TOS.

Virtual Private Servers for Dubai in Low Cost

Many people reside in UAE look forward to acquire virtual private server based in UAE but there are even more ore in numbers who just want a dedicated access whatever the data center is. In such circumstances, we have a huge variety for you to select from multiple origins, choose from United States of America or Germany. Unlike local servers, these are robust, high featured and with huge amount of resources like RAM, Super pure SSDs and unlimited amount of bandwidth. It does mean there are few restrictions and freedom to populate more content and to upload large number of files, sites and apps. It will definitely allow you maximum control over your machine with Administrator or root level core access. About all most known operating systems are also configurable including Linux and Windows. So, along with the facility to have UAE based VPS you may consider us for having cheapest virtual servers which are fastest as well as efficient by server hardware end.

There are no extra or hidden charges, also no specific restrictions so you may just grab and hold any software configuration by yourself. These are reliable, fast and stable enough to handle tones of internet traffic with unlimited bandwidth measures. We are offering 99.9% uptime and 0 days money back guarantee along with guarantee of full-dedicated access. With over 10 years of administration service, we have earned the trust and providing quality-hosting service in Middle East. We appreciate the dedication of our clients and customers who trust us since we started as Dubai based hosting company. Be free and friendly with us and contact any time as we are equipped with 24/7/365 best free Technical help to our clients for resolving their issues and problems.

Affordable VPS Plans

You may have a worst experience in past or unknowingly paid high prices for small specs instances. No more cheating, get what you actually capable of, even more in the value you paid. Browse high profiled and full of resources plans to order and configure on next pages to select OS, control panel and management.
Ram 4GB 10GB 20GB 8GB 16GB 30GB 60GB
Storage 300GB 700GB 1400GB 200GB SSD 400GB SSD 800GB SSD 1600GB SSD
Processors 2 vCPU 4 vCPU 6 vCPU 4 vCPU 6 vCPU 8 vCPU 10 vCPU
Traffic Un-Metered 100 Mbit/s Un-Metered 100 Mbit/s Un-Metered 1000 Mbit/s Un-Metered 200 Mbit/s Un-Metered 400 Mbit/s Un-Metered 600 Mbit/s Un-Metered 1000 Mbit/s
Price (per month) AED 125 / US$33 AED 199 / US$53 AED 309 / US$83 AED 169 / US$45 AED 295 / US$79 AED 405 / US$109 AED 625 / US$169
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Optional Addons / Upgrades

If you want anything to add with your order, we are providing all the latest addons and one click scripts. You may find one you desired in the below list and add it to your cart at checkout.
  • Additional IP $6
  • WHM/cPanel (5 Domains) $17
  • 2 Hours Management $59/hour
  • Fantastico De Luxe $8
  • Plesk Obsidian Panel 3 Versions
  • US DC $6

Best VPS Provider in UAE

While conversation, dealing and buying services from us you should be feel proud as you are going to be in business with a grown company who has the ability to tackle all kind of worse and undo able conditions due to a long lasting and versatile expertise in the field of Data Hosting Management. Our plans are still high and to roll out advanced things in first place so that you can play with all the upcoming experiments and can feel more secure than suffering from out dated elements which are usually the part of all data centers. We have all in house safety precautions and secure networking which always oppose maximum number of attacks. It is absolutely proven and our existing clients has this recognition that they never get injected due to any flaw on our side. Being top notch provider in United Arab Emirates, Our DC is facilitated with precise power and internet backups, well managed racks and quality Colling system to ensure the reliability and uptime of machines hosted in side.

Affordable Prices

Quality will never be compromised though prices are on least position so no fret and no bullshit, come with trust and be live with confidence to give a 5th gear boost to your belongings.

Irresistible Locations

We operate through fully redundant international network, with points of dependability in USA, DE and UAE and focus of connectivity with powerful pipe networks and suitable cabling and switches.

Secure Infrastructure

Our customers have access to the world's best self-service facilities such as Customer Panel, cPanel and Installation. Also we are in-house hosting service provider dedicated to all Customers.

Trained Technicians

Our support team is actually our server technicians, means you can talk directly to server doctors that solve your issue instantly with best possible solution, now no more waiting hassle.
VPS Server Features
  • Best for web servers
  • MySQL Dbs with Linux and Windows OS
  • MSSQL Standard Edition
  • FTP Accounts
  • Email Server with compliance
  • Host unlimited domain and sub domains
Free with each Plan
  • No charges for setup
  • Ipv6 Addresses on demand
  • Secure Networking
  • One free IPv4
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Root access for Linux and Administrator access for Windows