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.AE Domain Registration

domain registration in uae

UAE domain name

People who are relevant with any field of IT, they understand the importance of domain name for their business boost. Right now where marketing trend turns into the internet marketing, it compulsory to be appear over the internet to gain more profit for the business. Dubai, the heaven for big entrepreneurships, largest marketplace for almost every business. One who wants to trade in Dubai, should be appear over the internet with products and services that being offered. When you plan to launch website you need a good and relevant domain name for your business. For Dubai, .ae domain extension is most relevant and good for SEO point of view, as because Google rank well those websites which are targeted for a specific geographical audience.
To buy a cheap .ae domain extension, UAESOL, Dubai based web hosting firm is your source for affordable and effective domain name registration.

How to register .AE domain:

Its simple to register .ae domain name, simply search your desire domain in search bar available @ uaesol.com, after confirmation of availability, simply hit the “order now” button. Right after the payment, we will send you all of your domain details at your registered email address with non more then one hour.
The UAESOL domain registration fee is the lowest in the market. You can register as many domains as you want to register, all other generic domain extension like, .com. .net ant biz domain are also available for all our valuable clients in the more competitive price.

Why .AE domain name?

There are five main reasons that you should choose .Ae domain extension for your UAE based blog or website which are as following:
• First reason that .AE is the official domain name of UAE.
• If you are trading in UAE .Ae domain name is a great opportunity to operate with a local presence.
• Wanna target Emirate Market then .AE domain is final choice for you.
• .Ae has eight other second level domain extensions for UAE which are. Ae. .co.ae, .org.oe, .sh.ae, .ac.ae, .net.ae and .mil.ae,so select according to your business and target business hub name UAE.

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