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Basics of Web Hosting: Most Common Web Hosting Questions Dubai web hosting Seekers Asked

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Most common Web Hosting Questions:

When some one new that wish to launch a website either its business or personal portfolio web there are plenty of questions comes in mind. for example what is bandwidth, wish is disk space, web hosting stands for what est. Below are some most common web hosting questions and answers are listed, we hope it’s useful for new web hosting seekers:

1. What is web hosting:

The most common question that is most new web seekers asked, web hosting is basically a service that provides some storage into the computer system. This storage can be used for storing web’s data like, images, files, videos, webpages or nay type of web content. This data can be used by the internet users who are seeking it. web hosting firms store this data into their physical web servers located in data centers. These data centers connected with extremely fast and reliable intent connection so that user can access it any time.

2. How to get a Good domain name?

Well, its compulsory to understand that domain registration and web hosting are the jobs of  different companies. But we will suggest you a company where you can get web hosting with a free generic domain extension. You can get register any of ccTLD or gcTLD @ UAESOL.com

3. What is the job of web host?

Web hosts are the companies and firms who are offering web hosting companies, these companies maintain the web servers located in data centers. Its compulsory to choose a reliable web host for hosting needs. i just suggest a web host for those web hosting seekers who are located in Dubai, one of the most reliable web hosting company in Dubai is UAESOl.

4. Who would be owner of my site after getting web hosting?

Not at all, only you are the owner of your web site. All the content of your web site locates at any web servers is yours, web hosting firm just serve you a plce for hosting.


5. How much does web hosting cost?

Well, web hosting cost depends upon consumers’ need, what type of website you are planning to run, how many visitors site receives, how much disk space is required for web site data that you goes to host. Its starts from the range of 01 $ per month to upward. If you are located in Dubai and initial level then we are suggesting you starter hosting plan. For big companies and eCommerce website where needs are big UAESOL offer them Best dedicated hosting in dubai.

6. What is bandwidth?

Bandwidth of data transfer is the  amount of data that can be transfer into a web hosting account within a given period of time. Normally its monthly based. Let us make it simple to understand what is bandwidth? When a user or visitor browse or visit a specific web page he/she is actually downloading the html, scripts and images to view the web page.



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