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How To Transfer Site into UAESOL Hosting

procedure to transfer a website

Step by steps guide to transfer a web site in to new hosting:

Below is the most effective method to Transfer Your Website To UAESOL Hosting.

This article will help you transfer your site from another web host to UAESOL. The most important part of the web hosting transfer with another web host is moving of your information, space, messages, and sites. UAESOL.com makes it simple with our FREE web hosting transfer administration support.
UAESOL’s dedicated support will lead you through the procedure, and guarantee your relocation is finished effectively.

There are three simple phases to transfer your hosting with us which are as below:

Phase #1: Sign Up for Hosting with UAESOL

UAESOL has been devoted to giving best web hosting in Dubai to medium and large scale organizations and additionally individual sites for clients around the globe. Clients who want to transfer their site into our best data centers located in USA and Canada we are here to say warm welcome to those clients with complete free assistance of web hosting transfer.

When you have place an order for hosting and paid for it, you’ll get an email in your inbox or spam folder. This email is important and will contain all the data you requirement for your new web hosting account.

Phase #2: Get Ready to Transfer Your Site

Since you have a an active hosting account with with UAESOL, now its time to submit a migrant request from the client area. Fill out the important data an expert will answer and start migration process as soon as possible . Our support will start migration and handle every aspect related to transfer DNS, files and data.

Eventually amid this procedure, you’ll get an email requesting that change the DNS on your domain to our name servers. Our fully friendly support will let you know precisely how to do this in simple manner.

Note: Hosting migration can take from 1 hour to 48 hours, normally its depends upon your site’s size.

Phase #3: Test Your Website

When everything has been transferred and relocated to the UAESOL hosting servers, we’ll ask that you test the site, email, space name, and so forth to guarantee everything is working accurately. In the event that you find anything that isn’t working the same way it was on your old hosting provider, let us know and we’ll investigate it at and deal it as soon as it will be possible! Keep in mind: the Domain Name System (DNS) can take up to 24-48 hours to be updated. Once the domain takes steps to our IP Address, everything ought to be working effectively.

Note: its important you hold up until completion call. After testing your site, you should cancel your old web hosting services. Once you’ve affirmed everything is working effectively, you can contact your old web host to cancel your hosting. Make sure you’re cancelling hosting and NOT the domain registration. In of chance that you want to transfer your domain panel then you should connect with domain transfer support.

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