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Dedicated Server in UAE

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UAESOL Own Dedicated Server in United Arab Emirate:

Dedicated server mean complete server under the control of one user. In market Manged and un-managed dedicated servers are available. Perfect solution for business who want to take their business web to the next level. Business entities Who own dedicated server for inbound our bout bound use, have full control over: operating system, bandwidth, storage, speed, third party applications etc. and does not share any feature with anyone else. UAESOL presenting dedicated server in UAE across middle east. The royal audience of United Arab emirate got something extra with our dedicated servers.

Let us Highlight what is different in our Dedicated Servers:

Best Prices:

We compiled some extra ordinary server fetures with ordinary prices. You may grab Affordable Dedicated server in UAE under the Umbrella of UESOL.

High speed:

We give values to our customer, we know business matter for every one and server speed matter more then any other thing for a business that own business web. Our Server brings speed with low latency.

Data Security:

DDos protected server comes with secure server firewall, The hacking chance becomes .000001 under our secure servers.

Local Support:

We brings technical assistance that assist clients world best possible solution. Trained server Doctors would remain in your range 24/7.


Setup a server with UAESOL is a job that can even done by any person that can just run a PC. Setup and Migration alow to every dedicated owner.


upgradation at UAESOL possible at any time. If anyone need more RAM or storage? There would be No problem for US! All of our dedicated server plans are degradable Instantly.

2 Different Server Location:

UAE Data Center Or Netherlands Data center: What is your choice? Here we wrap-up best dedicated server hosting plans in UAE, corporate level server solution under your figure tips.

A dedicated server is not like cheaper packages where resources are shared, with a dedicated plan 100% of the server resources are allocated/dedicated for your use.

Why should consider a dedicated server?

Your web application require highest possible up-time.

  • If you your web app has high traffic and your VPS or Shared plan not enough for you
  • Compnaies/individuals that require custom configurations sould get Dedicated server
    Want to use in  bound or out bound or looking to deploy private cloud solutions

Is UAE Based dedicated Server A better choice?

Yes, definitely its result oriented decision, if your web service users or your targeted audience is from Middle east, countries specially UAE stated in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or the gulf region then its best for you. UAE based dedicated servers will have a lower ping time mean your business web would run smoothly and leave professional impression on your user.



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