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How to Get Started Instant Website or Blog?


Get started for a Perfect Website or blog!

Planning to start your own website or blog? Sounds Good!! Here are some easy steps to launch your own business or personal website with out wasting a second.

First Stop: Understand How it work??

For web appearance over the internet at any time, first step is to host your web site into a leased server hosted by web host. A company that is providing web hosting services, for example if you are located in Dubai or UAE, we will suggested to UAESOl, Top Dubai hosting company.

Hey, weight what is your domain name? I man to say what is the link of your  website? Such as UAESOL.com, est need is to search a proper short domain according to your business. Once again you are in need of of domain registrar, In Dubai, UAE or any Gulf state we are suggested UAESOL, top domain registrar Dubai, you can get a free generic domain name of you a purchase a complete hosting package from UAESOL, its started from $27/ year, with 1 GB Hosting Space, 25 GB bandwidth usage and 10 email accounts, with a free generic domain name.

Web hosting packages:

Second Step: Kind of web site:

Let us start wits an example, we buy a smart phone and but you never know about the basic existing apps, you now start it and install an app into your smart phone, Website is same like your application in to the web hosting server that you have bought from web web host.

If you are starting from scratch then you should figure out your need about website, if you want to show some basic information to your client in the form of web pages then a static website is more then enough for you but if you are plain sale purchase,money transaction involvement into your web site then a proper dynamic web site is mandatory for your business.

However the are many free CMS for instant web launch, some of are WordPress, droupal and joomla, you just need to install this application in to your hosting account and manage it according to your needs. UAESOL, top DUBAI web host integrate these options into every hosting plan that buy, you just need to install your CMS into your account and  instantly launch your web application.

Third Steps: Choice of Hosting Technology:

While you are designing a a custom website using html, CSS, PHP or.Net  programming skills, you need to be aware about the hosting technology need for hosting a web application. There are two types of hosting technology commonly used, Linux and Windows, you have to select according to your need.

Linux Web hosting:

Linux web hosting has another name as “LAMP” it’s a short form of Linux Apache MySQL and PHP. there are the main component of this most used hosting platform. You can get you Linux hosting plans in affordable price form top web host Dubai name UAESOL.

Windows web hosting:

This is also called ASP hosting. ASP is Microsoft’s technology for web applications. You just need to utilize this if you are going to run a web application composed particularly in ASP.

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