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Web Hosting Ajman

web hosting in ajman

Best Web hosting in Ajman:

Web hosting services are internet services where consumer buy or lease a measured disk space owned by a third party firm. All you need just a perfect uptime, huge disk space and a relevant domain extension for your business in a good web hosting plan. UAESOL listed among the largest web hosting companies in Ajman, UAE offer all of these features in affordable shard, dedicated and vps plans designed for lightning fast web hosting experience.

Buy affordable Shard Hosting in Ajman:

Shared hosting plan, offer disk space in a server where some other hosting accounts exists. Shared web hosting is perfect for small start-up business. Buy shared web hosting if you are a newbie in bloging or manna run a small scale website with low traffic needs. UAESOL design shared hosting package having 1 GB disk space with 25GB traffic bandwidth. Opt for VPS Hosting and enjoy special user account privileges.

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VPS Hosting Services in Ajman:

A VPS is such type of hosting in which resourced are shared with some other user but there is a limit for very user, resources divided in to a fixed portion. The traffic of other web sites that are hosted in VPS does not affect your web site. VPS hosting plans are much cheaper as compared to dedicated servers. One thing is notable that vps is more secured compare to shared hosting and has the combined features of shard and dedicated server hosting.

VPS Hosting Plans:

Dedicated Hosting in Ajman:

Dedicated web hosting, as its name implies that such type of hosting plan where a server solely & exclusively dedicated only one user. Its mean you have full freedom to mange it according to your needs and requirement. UAESOL offer dedicated hosting in Ajman with guarantee of full reliability, security and customizable functionalities.

Dedicated hosting plans:

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