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Web Hosting UAE – Different Hosting Types for Everyone


Planning to start a Business website or blog in UAE? The first decision you have to take is about finding a reliable web host.

If you are looking for self hosted blog or you have consider a free bloging plateform like wordpress.com, shared hosting is the right thing for your new blog.

You can think it for a while but at the end your decition would bnd up on self hosted blog.

If you are serious about it, you will be looking for a self-hosted blog.

When you targeting a huge marketplace like UAE then this decision worth more that what kind of hosting you are planing to adopt?

For newbies it’s a difficult task to figure out which would be perfect for you, Getting initiative it would be wise decision to invest on shared hosting in UAE as because its affordable option available in market. There are plenty of other reasons that convince you for shared hosting in UAE for web appearance its cost effective way to see that you can sustain your passion of operating a website.

If down the line you feel that this is not your cup of tea, you will not lose much. You always have an option to upgrade your plan to a VPS or dedicated server in case you need it.

On the of chance you feel that this is not your cup of tea then, then damage potential would be very low and easy to bare. If ou feel your blogging potential boost up then there is always option to upgrade your potential plan to VPS hosting in UAE or Dedicated hosting in UAE.

Lets take a look at some of the hosting solutions and options available for your new blog:

So let us explore some commonly avlaible web hosting options in UAE:

Shared Hosting

Well, most commonly used hosting type shared hosting. The best option to start or getting initiative for web appearance. Not only an economical option but its easy to mange it f ou are just a a families to run a PC, Never require exert level skill st to utilize shared hosting.

In shared hosting a singe server shared between multiple accounts. Te user of share hosting not know who is neighbor on server. Some hosting provider companies n UAE even provide option to host multiple site in a singe shared hosting plan. Probably the cheapest hosting In UAE even buy shared hosting just $4  a month. The shared hosting not just a calm river, there are some drawbacks that affiliated with this option. If there is one bad neighbor sharing the server with you then there is chance it would affect your site performance. In this regard you have be found a reliable web hosting company that is shared hosting account consists and never push to much accounts into a single server. You may trust USESOL in this regard, company put things accountable that why hosting rapidly in the market of UAE server provider.

You still need to know about WordPress management and backend installation. Most of the hosting provider provide a simplified installation tools to handle that.

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are are to much focused on web appearance b exploding the cost of web development then you need to go with wordpress hosting in UAE. Pre-installed WordPress provided by UAESOL you just need to install WordPress them and party would be start after that.

You just focus on content writing and your site would run smothly under the survilence of reliable technical staff.

These all in one solutions can be little costly for a new bloggers, but if you have a budget and you don’t want to spend time on setting things up, these can be good solutions to explore.

VPS Hosting in UAE

Now, this hosting option tend in to a costly hosting type that is perfect for mid level enterprise.  Small scale eCommerce website, Forums and Blogging networks that has huge traffic easily adopt this hosting type, A complete segment of server with freedom of software installation brings more control and security to owner of VPS,

Most of the providers offer multiple site installation on a single VPS or dedicated server. VPS is still a shared hardware with restricted boundaries, so bad neighbors will not affect your installation.

If you are targeting UAE market then this hosting type be best, as reliability tend into peak in this hosting type, There are very few companies who are providing UAE based vps hosting. The UAESOL is one of them that present uae server in fraction of prices. You just have to figure out your server requirement and all you need to focused on your web constant. Your web applications would run smoother under the secure network of server been provided by UAESOL.

Dedicate Server in UAE:

Complete server under your control. Most costly option for the reason behind a complete server hardware would be yours you can install and run any type of software or web application, you have to mange every thing in there.

This is expensive option and you should invest only if you also intend to invest significant effort towards your blog or if you have a plan to monetize it.

Even if you have the budget to invest, there is a always a good chance that it will be underused at the start of the blog. Traffic generation takes some time and blogs usually grows organically, which means if you take high end server, you will end up wasting lot of money at the start.

Cloud Hosting UAE

This is the most recent hosting type offered by organizations like UAESOL. A large portion of the hosting give the adaptability regarding estimating with an affirmation to deal with any any web application. Cloud hosting providing companies offer pay per utilize charging model, so you wind up paying the sum in light of the usage and your blog can deal with huge traffic.

Presently this is a expensive hosting type for some bloggers as this is an exceptionally open-finished evaluating model. You don’t have a clue about your cost toward the begin.

Once the activity begins coming in, you can keep a similar server and pay for any additional active information or have a simple approach to move up to higher hosting type.


So which hosting might you want to use for your new blog?


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