Virtual Private Servers UAE

Smart Plans For Dubai Location VPS Hosting
starting from AED110/per month

If you need dedicated server's resources but in paying less, select a Virtual Private Server Hosted in UAE which will give you maximum hardware satisfaction and full control over your machines in a fraction of price. There are various readymade specification with respect to resources like RAM, SSD Space, Number of cores and allocated bandwidth. Things for sure are the lowest latency through two IPv4 ranges whatever the plan you will buy and other aspect is the availability of operating system. We can install Windows as well as Linux OS but there are a little difference in price due to Windows license cost.

Dubai Located Cheap Virtual Private Servers

For the very first time in UAE and middle east, we are introducing a central server solution, the best value smart machine in the price of a shared plan which could handle huge number of visitors, heavy loaded applications, large number of emails and all you expect from a well-organized and optimized dedicated server. We can provision Smart Virtual Servers with latest technologies and Features. There is no restrictions and hidden chargers to avoid extra burden on your pocket and mind. These virtual servers are being created though KVM virtualization for delivering good efficiency. We can say that our smart server solution is just same as dedicated machine but its functionality is like VPS with optimized performance. Our Dubai VPS server prices in UAE, Middle East are very low and fixed so there will not be any negotiation on prices but on bulk orders.

Virtual Server Plans

Buy precise and valuable hosting resources in no cost, it is a secret to have smart nodes by smart people from smart provider.
Ram 1GB 2GB 2GB 4GB 8GB 8GB
Storage 30GB SSD 50GB SSD 60GB SSD 80GB SSD 80GB SSD 100GB SSD
Processors 1 vCPU 1 vCPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU 2 vCPU 4 vCPU
Traffic 250GB 250GB 250GB 250GB 250GB 500GB
Price (per month) AED 110 / US$24.0 AED 185 / US$49.0 AED 245 / US$79.0 AED 370 / US$99.0 AED 480 / US$124.0 AED 550 / US$149.0
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Our VPS Hosting Features

You have full root access and you can install any application software into your it as per your convenience.

Traffic & Space

Huge Disk Space as optimized SSD with 100 Mbps unlimited internet connection as default with various amount of bandwidth allocation.

Secured Data Centers

Our Powerful and fast VPS Servers are located in world's best and secured data centers of UAE and United States and Germany.

Ping/Trace Route

You can easily check your Virtual instance's speed and latency via trace route operation or by visiting at

Trained Technicians

No more delays, get your issues fixed in minutes and find the best support replies which are done for resolving errors and flaws.

Addon and updates

these are not only simple platforms for starting your online business but we have included valued addons and various important updates which can lead your work to extra ordinary convenient. You can choose any of below, add them in your cart while ordering any plan or even buy them separately after having a container ready.
  • IPv4 AED75
  • WHM/cPanel (Five Accounts) AED75
  • Full Management AED185/hour
  • One Click Script Softaculous AED15
  • Plesk Obsidian 10 Domains AED95
  • Location Charges USA AED20

Valued Virtualization Destinations

Above listed virtual private server are purely Dubai based, if you wish to have country specific or need lesser costs then you should check any of our virtual hosting plans located in world's most reliable data centers like Germany and USA.
Virtual Private Server UAE


For a greatest latency in region around Middle East, better order a locally hosted node.
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Cheapest solution for getting online with a dedicated resourceful virtualized container.