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What is the Best Blog Hosting in UAE

best blog hosting uae

Blog Hosting in UAE:

You are reading this article it’s seem that you are looking for best blog hosting in UAE? If you want to make money and be successful with your blog then I will suggest that avoid free host as well as bogging platforms. You should go with your own blog with your own hosting and and domain name. You can get it in lowest price form UAESOL, top web host Dubai, Installing WordPress on UAESOL hosting plans needs just some clicks. Over 6000 people use UAESOL Web hosting services in UAE and they are satisfied with support that the company delivers them.

To become a successful blogger why should avoid free blog:

Let me tell you that why free web hosting or blogging is not good for you and why the paid hosting is good choice for this.

The table below will clearly define you that why paid blog hosting is perfect:

Free Blog Hosting

Paid Blog Hosting

Free to setup Self Hosting needed
Occasionally shows ad No ads unless they are your own
Limited selection of theme Unlimited free themes and Paid themes
Limited ability to customize Design you theme/features/etc
Can not be Used for Make money Use for anything you like all
No reliable support A Reliable support
Limited Spam ad security protection Additional free plugin that protect you from spam


After reading above table many newbie blogger have question that what is Free Web Hosting? Let me clear this point that free web hosting that most people turn on when they want to try blogging. Most common are wordpress.com, blogger, journal, tumbler and many more. All you need just sign up and they give you a blog.

Why free blog hosting is good?

When newbie comes in to the field of blogging they need something that is free and simple to use. In early stage of blogging passion free blogs give you platform to know how to post? which material is perfect for your blog?  How to communicate with users. Each of free blogging platform has their own advantages but I believe that limitation far outweigh their advantages.

Click this Link to familiar: Why free blog hosting is not Good:

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